RFP Propane, Diesel & Unleaded Fuel – Results

The Melba School District No. 136 released an RFP asking for two distinct bids. Bid #1 was for Propane and Bid #2 was for Diesel and Unleaded fuels. Several bids were received and have been ranked according to price and scoring-rubric results. The results are listed below.

Bid #1: Propane Rank Results
Company Rank Rubric Score Pricing
Amerigas 1 95 $0.90 flat gallon rate
ValleyWide 2 85 $0.99 flat gallon rate
Suburban 3 83 $1.05 flat gallon rate

Bid #2: Diesel & Unleaded Fuel Rank Results

The bids for Diesel & Unleaded Fuel have been rejected. No qualifying bids meeting the RFP specifications were submitted. Another RFP will be released.

We appreciate the bidders’ time, effort and response to the RFP. Please contact the Melba School District at (208) 495-1141 should you need further information.